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“Nature is being destroyed by humans. There should be a harmony between the artificial world, the natural environment, and human beings.” Tadao Ando, Architect

What is get-out-side?

It’s a collection of photos, maps and words all put together to help people Get Outside. The whole idea is to inspire and facilitate you to Get Outside and become active and adventurous. Cape Town is such a fantastic place to do this, we have beautiful seas that go straight into breathtaking mountains.
The site is broken into three zones and this is because we’re not all hardcore adventurers, and that shouldn’t stop those of us from also Getting Outside!
I believe that if you can get people to appreciate the Outdoors and the Natural World they will have a better understanding on where they fit in.

The bottom line: The World was not created for humans, we are just part of it. 

Sebastian Thompson

Safety outdoors:

Rule 1: Don’t be stupid! Although that sounds a little stupid it not, just think before you do things outdoors, whether that’s got to do with your own safety, the safety of others or how you interact with the environment around you.

Rule 2: Get some friends. It is always better to be doing outdoor things with a friend, mainly because when the shit hits the fan you have somebody to spoon with to keep warm. Jokes. But seriously there are places on the mountain where there may be unfriendlies and that’s when your’e happy you brought a friend, also if you do get in trouble its nice to have somebody to help.

Rule 3: Don’t be feral. Don’t try and be all Bear grills and go up into the mountain with nothing but a shirt on your back and drink your own pee. Take a Cell Phone, it will save your ass at some point! There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing. Always be prepared for bad weather on the mountain, especially here in Cape Town. That Table mountain tablecloth can roll in fast and then shit gets real quickly! I can’t stress that enough. Finally no one wants to drink their own pee, so just take your own water up on the mountain.

Obviously apply the above rules in moderation. If you’re going for a walk in green point park for example you probably won’t need water for three days. When in doubt refer back to Rule 1.

Some good numbers to have in your phone:

METRO rescue control room:
021 937 0330

021 449-3500

PS. All the photos on this blog are mine and were painstakingly taken with my camera, so please don’t just gaaps them, just send me an email and I will happily give them to you. That way I can sort of keep track of them on the interweb. Thanks 🙂

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