Silvermine Waterfall

Walk Time: 15-20 min | Parking: Lots + Car Guard | Dog friendly: Yes | Entry fee: R5
| See map below for directions |

The Silvermine Waterfall is a lovely spot to have lunch. It’s a quick 15min walk from the car park and it offers a lovely place to sit, take in the view and have a bite to eat. It’s probably best to go on a sunny winters day as the water generally dries up in summer. There is a small entry fee of about R5 and if you have an Activity Permit its free.


View from above

View from above

It not very hard to find the waterfall just follow the main path from the parking lot and once you’ve walked for about 10min you will see a small sign on your right that says waterfall, follow that path and you can’t miss the big lunch rock or the stairs that take you down to the bottom of the waterfall.

Silvermine Waterfall

Lunch time rock

Lunch time rock

How to use this map to get directions.
click on the blue dot | a bubble will appear | click on direction | you will be taken to the Google maps site, do not panic | there will be and A and B yellow dots on the top left of the page | the B dot will have the locations of where you want to go | put your location in the A dot | click Get Direction | it will now give you directions on how to get where you want to go|

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