Kalk bay – Muizenberg Walk

Time: the walk there and back is about an hour | Parking: Lots | Dog Friendly: Yes | Entry: Free
| See map below for directions |

Back to the sea! This walk is all about getting into the relaxed vibes of the ocean life. Pick a beautiful and calm day the less wind the better! I recommend starting in Muizenberg because there is way more parking and less traffic, and no added stress is the whole point of this walk. The start of the walk is just below the train station. You’ll see a sign that says Muizenberg to Kalk bay walk.

Muizenberg Beach

Muizenberg Beach

Follow the path all the way to the Dalebrook tidal pool and then make your way under the rail way line an up onto the road. Kalk Bay awaits. Go for an ice cream at the Ice Café or delicious lunch and coffee at OURS. It’s all up to you. Whatever you end up doing, just remember to enjoy where you are.

Path to Kalk Bay

Path to Kalk Bay

When you’re ready, take a leisurely stroll back down to Muizenberg. If you’re feeling particularly mellow and aren’t really in the mood to walk, catch the train and let it ferry you back to your car while you soak up the views.

Kalk Bay - Muizenberg Path

Kalk Bay – Muizenberg Path

St James

St James

Kalk Bay for Kids

Kalk Bay for Kids

Ice Cafe - Kalk Bay

Ice Cafe – Kalk Bay

How to use this map to get directions.
click on the blue dot | a bubble will appear | click on direction | you will be taken to the Google maps site, do not panic | there will be and A and B yellow dots on the top left of the page | the B dot will have the locations of where you want to go | put your location in the A dot | click Get Direction | it will now give you directions on how to get where you want to go|

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