Learn to surf – Muizenberg

Time: As long as you want | Parking: Lots | Dog Friendly: Well… | Rental: +-100/hr
| See map below for directions |

I’m sure if you’re reading this you have, at some point, seen someone surfing and just been mesmerized. The beautiful thing about surfing is that its so much more then just riding waves. Ask anyone who does it; it’s about the whole experience. Going to the beach with friends, paddling out, waiting peacefully and then finally it all comes together standing up and gliding across the face of a wave. Ask them and they’ll tell you, that it’s one of the most amazing feelings you can get. This piece is about getting you out there and having just as much fun. I’ll take you through how to go for your first surf and everything else that it entails.

Lifestyle Surfshop

Lifestyle Surfshop

So to start out, get yourself to one of the surf shops on the Muizenberg beachfront. There are basically three shops worth considering, Lifestyle, Surf emporium and Surf shack. My favorite shop is Lifestyle, so I would recommend head to them. Go in there and tell them that you are new to surfing and you would like to rent a board and a wetsuit. Don’t worry about choosing the right size or anything like that just let them get choose for you. The normal price is about R100 an hour for both and you pay when you get back. With the lifestyle guys the more stoked you look when you get out the water, the less they generally end up charging you ☺.

Surf Emporium

Surf Emporium

Most of the shops have hot showers you can use, if you’ve rented gear from them, and space to store your valuables, if you don’t want to leave them in the car or you maybe caught the train. What to do with the all important car key? Remember most modern car keys have some form of electronics in them so even if your slightly unsure rather don’t tie it to wetsuit. All shops are more then happy to keep your key for you and it’s definitely the safest option.

Surf Shack

Surf Shack

If you are interested most of the surf shops do offer coaches. What I recommend is get a bunch of friends together and hire one coach between you. Unfortunately with learning how to surf there is a little bit of technique to be taught but then a whole lot of practice required. If you’re not keen on a coach and just want to teach yourself that cool too! Here is a great short video on the basics of what you need to know. I know the guy looks and sounds like a bit of a tool but he’s got some great tips. Click here for the video. There are a few rules when surfing but the great thing about Muizenberg is that most people understand it’s a beach for learning and are very relaxed about them. That being said its still a good idea to find on of the boards along the beach and just give them a read. Sharks… well let me put it to you this way; you see the chair you are sitting on now? Statistically you have more chance of falling of that chair (52 per year) and dying then you do being eaten by a shark (4 per year). There are other things to worry about it life!

Muizenberg Beach

Muizenberg Beach

One of the best parts of surfing is the super mellow feeling post surf. Something about the ocean, exercise and the cold all thrown together just makes you feel so relaxed. The feeling is best served with a warm coffee and some chow. After you’re changed, dry and warm you’ve got a view options, you could either head into Knead or if you have a little bit of time and some more energy why not walk to Kalk bay and go and explore there.

Muizenberg Beach7
You’re not going to be Kelly Slater on day one and it does take a bit of practice and dedication but its just so much fun along the way that it’s totally worth it!

Muizenberg Beach6



How to use this map to get directions.
click on the blue dot | a bubble will appear | click on direction | you will be taken to the Google maps site, do not panic | there will be and A and B yellow dots on the top left of the page | the B dot will have the locations of where you want to go | put your location in the A dot | click Get Direction | it will now give you directions on how to get where you want to go|

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