Fernkloof Nature Reserve – Run, Walk or Chill

Time: As long as you want, run for 20 minutes to a hour or chill there for half the day | Parking: Lots | Dog Friendly: Yes | Entry: Free | Location: Hermanus
| See map below for directions |

This amazingly kept little nature reserve make me so happy every time I visit. It is unbelievably beautiful with fynbos lined valleys winding up into the mountains and it’s so accessible being only 5 min out of Hermanus.

What can you get up to?

  • Chill and have a picnic on the lush lawns
  • Walk the botanical gardens and learn a little about our amazing plants
  • Walk up into the valley and enjoy the views
  • Take a short or long run into the valley and enjoy the well cut trails


  • 2015/01/img_0459.jpg





Map of Fernkloof nature reserve


  1. First of all, it’s a bit disturbing: It is FERNKLOOF not Vernkloof (as mentioned in the title) 😉
    And yes; it’s a nice hiking spot. Pity we didn’t see you… but maybe next time!

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