The First 10 Steps to Running Success – Tip 8 + 9

8 Find a Running Buddy

As a runner, the hardest step to take is that first step out the front door. Especially during the depth of winter when the mercury has plummeted and the winds are howling. The warmth of your bed is a far easier option. But if you have a running buddy who is waiting for you down the road, who is equally motivated as you and you know will never let you down, it is far easier to leave that warm bed of yours behind and hit the road.

Running can be extremely difficult at times, not only physically, but mentally too. By having a running buddy, you are able to share the ups and downs of training, you are able to motivate each other and most importantly, you will stick to your program since no one wants to be that person who lets their friend down.

When looking for a running buddy, here are a few things that need to be taken into consideration:

  • You must enjoy each other’s company
  • You must enjoy running at similar times of day
  • You must be at a similar level of fitness – although having someone who is slightly faster and fitter that you is a great way to improve your own running
  • You must share similar goals so that you can work together in order to achieve them


9 Challenge Yourself

Although it is important to set attainable and realistic goals, it becomes equally important to dream and be slightly unrealistic. For example, if you are just starting out and battling to run 5 miles, this should not stop you from wanting to run a marathon. It’s fun to dream and if you are still managing to achieve your short term goals along the way, then nothing should stop you from thinking big. There is always something new to achieve when it comes to running, whether it is a new personal best or running a further distance, you should always strive to be better and dream bigger.


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