#UrbanTrailSundays FAQ’s

Some of you might have one or two questions. Hopefully you will get the answers below! If not, just comment!

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  1. What time do I need to be there? 8:30AM 
  2. Is going to rain on Sunday? No!
  3. Do you guys have an awesome Facebook page? Yes, Check it out Get Outside
  4. Do you guys have a hashtag for Instagram and twitter? Yes! ‪#‎Getoutsidesa‬ & ‪#‎urbantrailsundays‬
  5. Where can I park? Street parking is free on a Sunday so there will be loads of spots to park close by!
  6. Will there be water along the way? No unfortunately not. Please bring own if you would like.
  7. When can I buy first Coffee? After you have run Motherland will be open! 
  8. I’ve never run 6km in my life! Won’t I die? No, and if you feel like you might there will be shortcuts marked out along the way! 
  9. Will there be opportunities for me to take awesome Selfies? Yes, Lots! 
  10. Is this a timed event? No! 
  11. Where can I go to the toilet? In Mandel Rhodes.
  12. How much does it cost? Nothing! Just bring some spare sports goods for donation and a bit of cash for coffee and muffins!
  13. Can I still register? Yes. Follow this link.

If you have any other questions please just post them below 🙂  Getoutside_Urban_Trail_Sundays_#3-4987-2


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